BrownwoodNews – Northwest Elementary recently announced their awards for the second nine weeks.  Awards presented included the Paw Award, which is given to students that were rewarded for their attitude, behavior, or achievement with a positive office referral during the nine weeks.

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Pre-K Paw Award students: 

Berretta Garcia, Sky Smith, Michael Salazar, Trinity Sharp, Cristian Castro, Isaiah Bigham, Aaron Munoz-Martines, D’Anna Rodriguez, and Lovie Burns

Kindergarten Paw Award students:

Sophia Granados, Caleb Greenwood, Paisley Nelson, Janele Ybarra, Genesis Deechalune Vigo, Marisol Guerrero, Joselyne Little, Ryder Patterson, Dion Deshields, Hunter Holland, Angel Gomez, Johnny Abernathy, Aviana Ledesma, Khamila Rodriguez

1st Grade Paw Award students:

Sarah Atchley, Ricky Willet, Hayden Withers, Isaac Washington, Maddox Espinoza, Tynli Welker, Faith Aguirre, Zinna Castorneo, and Isabella Diaz

2nd Grade Paw Award students: 

Daniel Perez, Grace Aguirre, Nerry Herrera, Jaxon Mouser, Sheriff Jones, and Xxis Woodberry

3rd Grade Paw Award students:

Shaxton Simpson, Phoenix Siddle, Tiley Hyland, and Willow Camp