Written by Ben Cox – The Early City Council voted yesterday evening three to one to approve an ordinance permitting the sale of alcohol, including mixed beverages, inside the city’s limits.

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The vote comes after the County wide election last November to level the playing field for establishments that serve alcohol.

City Manager Tony Aaron says the vote was “to make sure that there were no laws or restrictions already on the city books that would counter-act the county election.”

Aaron said during the meeting that there were several old laws that were in need of amending and doing away with. “There was one law that said you couldn’t play a jukebox where alcohol was sold!”

The ordinance allows restaurants like Humphrey Pete’s, Prima Pasta, Taquito Millonario and La Botana to serve alcohol without having to operate as a private club.

The vote carried almost unanimously, moved for passing by Charles Matlock and seconded by Benny Allcorn.

A single Nay vote was heard from Councilman Travis Eoff. He said “I just voted my conscience. We have enough alcohol already in this county and in this city. I just feel like the people who voted me in, that would be the way they would want me to vote.”

The current distance requirements between establishments that sell alcohol, and schools or churches are still in effect, as are licensing and permit requirements by the city. Licenses will require a fee not to exceed half the cost of a state license, and will need to be renewed at the same rate as the state licenses.